I have wanted to do a dinosaur program since before I was hired to work at the library. I actually made a mock dinosaur program for my interview and I used that as a basis for this dinosaur program.

I started the program with story time. The first book was Dinosaur vs The Library by Bob Shea. I printed a little dinosaur and glued him to a stick and told the kids to watch for the dinosaur to appear and roar along. The second book was Tyrannosaurus Wrecks! by Sudipta Bardhan.


Our next activity was to make some dinosaur crayons. I happened to own some dinosaur chocolate molds that  I brought in. I had also previously sorted out all of the older, non-crayola crayola crayons and removed the paper. We broke the crayons and stuffed the molds with the pieces. This works best if you use fewer colors, and colors that go well together. They go in the oven for a few minutes to melt the wax and then when they cool down you can pop out a new, multicolored, dinosaur-shaped crayon.

Our final activity was a dinosaur egg hunt. While we were making crayons one of the shelvers hid these dinosaur eggs in the children’s section.

Attendance: 30
Activity 1: Dinosaur Stories
Activity 2: Dinosaur Crayons
Activity 3: Dinosaur Egg Hunt


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