A new series that I like is Kallie Goerge’s Magical Animal Adoption Agency. The first book is titled Clover’s Luck. I thought it would be different to make our own magical balloon animals and run them through an obstacle course.

The first activity was pet-themed stories, but I honestly can’t remember what we read.

Next we created magical balloon puppies. These are super simple as they are balloons, sharpie marker, and construction paper and a string.

When the balloon animals were done the kids ran them through an obstacle course. There was a slide, a stage for doing a trick, a tunnel to crawl through, cones to maneuver around, etc.

After the obstacle course is completed we filled out special adoption certificates so the kids could take their balloon puppies home.

Attendance: 8
Activity 1: Stories
Activity 2: Balloon Puppies
Activity 3: Obstacle Course
Activity 4: Magical Creature Adoption Certificate


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