Fairy Tales 2015

It is probably no secret that I am a bit of a fantasy lover. I am especially fond of unicorns and dragons so I wanted to do a program where I could highlight some of my favorite animals. I decided to do a theme of fairy tales and I displayed all of our fairytale books along with a huge fake “storybook” with the beanstalk from Jack and the Beanstalk growing out of it and pointing to the signup sheet.


Once again I opened the program with a few stories. I honestly think there may have been a few more, one with snow white and 99 dwarves sounds familiar, but I can’t remember.

The Somethingosaur by Tony Mitton is good for dragon or dinosaur programs.
An adorable little creature hatches from an egg and goes searching for his mother among the dinosaurs in this energetic, fun-filled picture book by award-winning picture book creators Tony Mitton and Russell Ayto. A unique take on the ‘Where’s My Mummy’ scenario in which an egg crackles open and out steps a little creature – the Somethingosaur. He searches for his mum among the dinosaurs but she’s nowhere to be found. But is the Somethingosaur really a dinosaur…or something even more exciting? And will he ever find his family and home? A warm, funny and jaunty rhyming text ,full of adventure, that’s great to read aloud.

Interstellar Cinderella by Deborah Underwood I really appreciated for the space setting so it could be used in a fairy tale theme or a space theme.
Once upon a planetoid,
amid her tools and sprockets,
a girl named Cinderella dreamed
of fixing fancy rockets.

With a little help from her fairy godrobot, Cinderella is going to the ball. But when the prince’s ship has mechanical trouble, someone will have to zoom to the rescue! Readers will thank their lucky stars for this irrepressible fairy tale retelling, its independent heroine, and its stellar happy ending.

After the stories the bulk of our time was spent on crafting these cool dragon airplanes. I printed the templates on cardstock and instructed the kids to use several colors so it took a while to cut and color these. At the end of the program I had all the kids line up to throw the dragons in a “dragon race” to see which one would fly the farthest.

Attendance: 20
Activity: Stories
Activity: Dragon Paper Airplanes

Oh! I can’t forget to mention – I did not have the time or the audience attention to read Hansel and Gretel, but I did pass around a copy of Sybille Schenker’s illustrated edition. Some of the paper is translucent and the book is gorgeous. Here is a picture I found online that shows some of the pages.

fairy tale book




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