Halloween Spooktacular 2015

It’s Halloween and one of my first big programs. Our community is very into having a kind of trick-or-treat at the library, so even though it requires special forms we get a ton of candy. This year we also planned to have all hands on deck and have a truly spooktacular halloween. We spread various activities throughout the library and kids could earn a candy by doing the activity.

I painted the windows in the children’s area to create some halloween atmosphere.

Ghost Bowling
A gap in between the non-fiction and large print sections is separated into two little aisles by a smaller paperback book shelf which creates what I imagined as two perfect bowling lanes. I painted several 2-litre pop bottles to look like ghosts and some kickballs to look like jack-o-lanterns. This was probably the most popular activity and there was a line several kids deep for most of the night.

We happened to have a tub of different beads in the craft room and I thought putting the neon pony beads on black pipe cleaners would make cool spiders for a crafty component to our celebration. I did count out 4 pipe cleaners and twist the bodies together so that kids could easily grab them and start working on them.

Pumpkin Ring Toss
The boss-lady brought in three pumpkins and we lined them up so that kids could try to get a hoop around each one.

Bean Bag Toss
We set up a few stations of bean bag toss as we have 2 cornhole sets, and a mascot bean bag set. We gently taped a costume to the mascot so she would look a little more in the spirit of halloween.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt
I printed out some iconic halloween images and mounted them onto purple construction paper and find them throughout the library. Patrons got a copy of the scavenger hunt list at the circulation desk as well as a paper listing all of the activities as they came in.

Attendance: 70+
Activity: Ghost Bowling (2 lanes)
Activity: Pipe Cleaner & Bead Spiders
Activity: Pumpkin Ring Toss
Activity: Bean Bag Toss (multiple)
Activity: Halloween Scavenger Hunt


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