I couldn’t resist having a program with bears. I do try to sneak in some cool facts into my programs and I figure bears and hibernating are a pretty cool subject. Consider that a momma bear that is hibernating will actually give birth in the winter in her den while hibernating!


Once again I began the evening with some stories. We read Bear Says Thanks as Thanksgiving wasn’t too far off and I love the illustrations in the bear books.

bear craft

Then we made some cool brown bag bear puppets. Cutting and coloring takes my kids quite some time so this was a good portion of the program.

When our bears were done we played a bear-themed game inspired by the life-sized candyland. The “bears” had to travel across the board over the mountains, across the pond, etc before reaching their den at the end. The kids liked this as anything close to candyland is awesome and I am a fan of stuff that lets them get up and move and to get those wiggles out.

Attendance: 10
Activity 1: Stories
Activity 2: Bear Bag Puppet
Activity 3: Bear Candyland


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