Christmas Cookie Decorating 2015

I suppose you could say I am a little obsessed with christmas. I love the christmas specials, shopping, hot chocolate, and especially cookie decorating. I talked my boss into adding a cookie decorating program in December despite knowing the turnout might not be so high due to lack of advertisement.


I made the cookies at home. I think I used the star, tree, and candy cane cutters but I am not sure. I also made and colored some frosting with jello (it separated funny, I don’t recommend it). I gave all of the participants a plate with cookies, a knife and had sprinkles out on the table. I had the frosting bags at a front table and just called the kids up to get specific colors like red, green, blue, etc. one color at a time. Quite a few of the kids ate their cookies as soon as they decorated them. This program went pretty quickly and was probably closer to 40-45 minutes than a full hour which was fine.

Attendance: I think it was around 32


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