Noon Years Eve 2015

Some days I think I am pretty darn good at my job and others I think it was a miracle that I got hired. For our Noon Years Eve Party the boss asked me to help her think of dance music to put on a playlist for the kids. My (apparently not good enough) responses were:
1. Uh, the Macarena?
2. Oh… not the electric slide I could never figure out how to do that…
3. Uh, I know there is a kids version of the time warp….


Needless to say none of the music I picked made it onto the playlist. Sorry, I don’t listen to much music at all and the stuff I do like is 70s/80s rock. So we set out what felt like every table we own and 800 chairs and prepared for a bunch of little kids waiting to ring in the new year.

As the kids came in we gave them a blank, old-fashioned spinner toy to color and decorate. When they finished that we had a limbo stick set up and played the party music while all of the kids did the limbo. One or two parents were even brave enough to try. Then as we counted down to noon we passed out bubble wrap to pop and released a bunch of balloons. Of course the kids went crazy and two of them collided and one got a bloody lip and cried for a minute, but then there were more balloons and everyone way happy again. Yay, balloons.

Attendance: 22
Activity 1: Spinner Toy
Activity 2: Limbo
Activity 3: Bubble Wrap & Balloon Drop


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