Brrrr, it’s cold outside so I wanted to bring snow inside. This program was all about the magic of snow and ice.


Our first activity was to do crystal painting. I took regular construction in dark blue, purple, and black and had the kids paint on them with a solution of super-saturated epsom salt water. After about 10-15 minutes it dries and forms crystals similar to the frost on the windows. I think painting projects are great and the kids could probably just do this for an hour straight, but my big problem is I run out of places for the pictures to go while they are drying.

While we were letting the pages dry I walked around and showed the kids a few pictures of real snowflakes photographed by Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley.

Then we moved to our next activity – creating indoor snow. I saw a recipe online for indoor play snow that was cornstarch mixed with cheap hair conditioner. It feels cold, it smells good, and vacuums up pretty easily. I generally try to let the kids do the mixing and combining as much as possible so I did walk around to check on people while they were making their indoor snow, but that was it. Once we had our play snow made we made some snowmen and before you knew it the program was over and it was time to go.
Attendance: 22
Activity: Crystal Painting
Show: Snowflake Bentley Photographs
Activity: Play Snow


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