Teen Makers – Lip Gloss & Sugar Scrub

Teen programming is a thorn in my side. First you must decide what you are actually going to consider a teen and the ages of your program. Are tweens okay, or is it going to be completely age 12+? I wanted to test the teen programming waters with a tween/teen program. I generally try to shy away from super gendered programming, but I thought a program making DIY beauty supplies might work well. I think I had 16 registrations for this and only 4 patrons actually showed up. Of the 4 that came I think they were all actually under 12.

For the first activity we made a sugar scrub out of sugar and tea. I let the kids pick the tea leaves and instructed them how to mix the scrub. They did all of the measuring and decorating their jars.

The second activity was to take coconut oil and mix in a few drops of koolaid mix. Different flavors had different colors so it was up to each girl how they wanted to mix things to get the colors they wanted. The finished products were put into lipgloss pots I found on amazon.

I don’t think my test went over well, and I will probably stick to family programming which covers the same age range that showed up for this program anyway. I am not sure what to do about actual teen programming.

Attendance: 4
Activity: Sugar Scrub
Activity: Lipgloss


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