Cupcake Decorating

I have been doing mostly kid programming but I did want to do a little bit with adults so I proposed a cupcake decorating program. I actually ended up having some adults bring teens and smaller kids to it, which ended up okay as really everyone had about the same level of experience with buttercream frosting.


The funny part about this program is that I am not a huge fan of cake or cupcakes to eat. I mean I won’t turn one down, but I am much more of a brownie or pie person. I love the aesthetics of cupcakes though and followed several cupcake and cake blogs for a few years.

I started the evening with a presentation about the history of cupcakes from the first mention of cupcake to the rise of cupcake culture. I also shared a recipe for buttercream frosting, instructed people on how to dye their frosting with food coloring, and set up a photo area for their completed cupcakes. Then I set them free to decorate for the next half hour and they really decorated until the frosting was gone.


This starry cupcake was one of my favorites.

Overall the program was a success and I still have people come in to ask when I will do cupcake decorating again. I would like to do it, I just need to think about when and how.

Attendance: 28
Presentation: A History of Cupcakes
Activity: Cupcake frosting & photography


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