Mini-Makers – Build a Birdhouse

Sometimes I think some programs are just doomed from the start. I happened to find some birdhouse kits in a cabinet when I was cleaning and thought that might be a fun program. Well it turns out a lot of people are interested in birdhouses because a ton of people signed up for this. It also turns out there were only 3 kits in the cabinet…

So I ran to the craft store to see if they had more kits and nope, no luck. So I got a huge piece of foam core, took the pattern from the birdhouse kit and made 30 sets out of foam core. It felt like I was tracing and cutting for hours.

Then I found out the program room was double booked, the little meeting room was booked too and I would be doing this program in the room with the periodicals. Well, quite a few people showed up, everyone had a hard time gluing the birdhouses together and all the kids cared about was the painting part. Oh also those kits were for a birdhouse that was too small for an actual bird so it was for decorative purposes only. There were some snarky comments by patrons and I spent a good 20 minutes cleaning up paint from the carpet when it was all done.

If I ever do one like this again I will probably just get something like these birdhouses on oriental trading.

Attendance: 22+


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