Dr. Seuss Day 2016

If I am ever in the position to give programming advice to a new employee I think one thing I will stress is to write program notes immediately. I would follow that up with actually taking pictures of all the cool things you do because the things you think you will always remember start to fade pretty quickly. That being said, Dr. Seuss Day is from my pre-note taking period.

I am fairly certain we started the program and spent a bulk of the time creating little booklets I had put together based on the classic My Book About Me. I peppered it with  different Dr Seuss characters and had fill in the blanks for things like height weight, the number of teeth a kid had, favorite color, etc. The parents had to help with this quite a bit actually, though I did have tape measures in the room to help with the height question.

I believe when our books were completed that we sang happy birthday and had some cake. I also feel fairly confident there was a story time, though I don’t remember reading the stories myself, so it is possible that my boss did that while I was passing out cake or something.

Attendance: I thought it was a bit lower in the 15-18 range
Activity 1: Little About Me Books
Activity 2: Cupcakes & Happy Birthday to Dr Seuss
Activity 3: Dr Seuss Storytime


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