Very Merry Unbirthday 2016

I have some programs that I think are awesome and I am really proud of. This was not one of them. Attendance was low, the activities didn’t work right and it just all around sucked.

I forget how many people registered for this program, but I remember getting 36 cupcakes so it must have been a few, but only two families came for a total of 4 people. We started the night decorating party hats with sequins and feathers, but that took a lot longer than I expected.

We had a little break for some cupcakes and punch which should have been high energy and just wasn’t due to the lack of people.

We ended with some flamingo croquet. I had made the mallets out of dowel rods painted pink, and the arches out of duplo blocks with images of the Alice characters on them. The kids were younger and had a really hard time hitting the ball through the course, leading to frustration all around.

But seriously, this was the most awful merry unbirthday ever, which is a shame because this is such a cool theme. I hope to do it justice one day.

Attendance: 4
Activity 1: Hat Decorating
Snack: Cupcakes & Punch
Activity 2: Flamingo Croquet


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