Rainbows 2016

A rainbow at the end of the storm is one of those things that never cease to amaze me. Even now, going outside after a storm I look around in eager anticipation. I guess you could say this program was a little stormy as somehow the program room was double-booked and I had to squish all of my participants and activities into half the space. The room often gets warm as it is, but having so many bodies in a cramped space made it like a little oven. The program itself was a success though, so while I am still bitter about the double-booking I can take pride in a job well done.


I am sure you will not be surprised to know that I began the night with stories. I had three books prepared but after reading Hideaway Hedgehog and the Magical Rainbow I abandoned the stories in favor of activities. There was no room for the kids to sit up close and see the pictures and the room just wouldn’t settle. I think the stories are usually the weakest part of the programming so I didn’t mind moving on.

I wanted to get one of the messiest components done early, so I had all of the kids come up and fill a terracotta pot with soil. Then we planted some clover seeds and watered them just a little. This gave everyone a chance to wash their hands before moving to the next activity.

I had found a cute printable of a rainbow that the kids colored and then taped to a toothpick to act as a little planter for their clover, which when it sprouted would now look like it was growing at the end of the rainbow.

Our final activity was probably the most fun. I bought some cheap containers with lids and portioned an amount of milk into each container and dyed them different colors of the rainbow. We then added some instant vanilla pudding mix to the milk and shook it up so that it mixed really well and set. Then we scooped the colored pudding into some clear cups in rainbow order and topped them with a whipped cream cloud. Delicious!

Attendance: 30
Activity 1: Stories
Activity 2: Clover Planting
Activity 3: Rainbow Planter
Activity 4: Rainbow Pudding


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