Easter Eggstravaganza 2016

I love doing programs but I really love doing special holiday programs.


The program filled up rather quickly as soon as I made a big sign for it. I actually had enough interest I probably could have done a whole second program.

First we started with some stories. I actually had a co-worker gather the kids around in a story time circle and read while I passed out cups of coloring for egg-dyeing.  When the stories were done the kids each got 3 eggs to color. There were surprisingly very few spills or whining about sharing colors.

When the eggs were done and drying we moved on to making a cute little bunny out of a brown paper bag. The kids colored their rabbits however they wanted and attached a handle. We used these as baskets for the egg hunt so that I didn’t have to worry about having real baskets for everyone.

Finally it was time for the egg hunt. One of the shelvers hid the eggs while the kids were puttting their bunnies together. I limited it to 10 eggs per child, so that I knew there would be enough for everyone. Additionally, I had them line up at the door youngest to oldest and released the kids one by one with a 10-second gap in-between so there would be no worry about anyone getting trampled.
Registrations: 40
Attendance: 40
Activity: Stories
Activity: Egg Dyeing
Activity: Bunny Brown Bag Craft
Activity: Egg Hunt


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