Oh no, is there anything worse than a snowstorm on the first spring program? I had quite a few people registered so I  prepped 40 sets of all the materials, only to have a snowstorm come through. I guess I should be happy for the few people that came, but it is always a bummer to have now attendance to a program you are excited about.


Once again I started with the stories. I think I read three books, and one of them may have been a Plant a Pocket of Prairie. I often read 10-20 books on a theme before I pick the ones I want to use in my programs and I just can’t remember all of the ones I actually used. Out of the three books I am sure we read Abracadabra, It’s Spring! which is just gorgeous and the kids were actually into this book. I have read after the fact that other people were just using abracadabra for all of the pages because they thought some of the other words could come off as racist.

After the stories we worked on tissue paper suncatchers. I made the base out of contact paper and black construction paper cut into the shape of a flower in a circle. Because the contact paper was sticky they just had to place little pieces of tissue paper on the art. A majority of the kids said this activity was too hard and only one girl got into doing it.

Finally we strung some cheerios on pipe cleaners tied to brown yarn to make bird feeders.  This was more popular, especially as the kids liked sneaking bites of the cheerios.

Attendance: 6
Activity 1: Stories
Activity 2: Tissue Paper Suncatchers
Activity 3: Cheerio Birdfeeders


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