Explorations in Art – Colors

This was my first program that was advertised as an art program, not just a generic family fun program. I had a decent crowd, but the one thing I realized I needed to work on was giving really clear, step-by-step instructions.

First we made coffee filter art projects. The kids loved doing these and probably would have done them for an hour. I actually ran out of room to put wet coffee filter papers. I tried to encourage light spraying, but the kids liked to really soak them. Next time I will get a smaller spray bottle and take away the brown and black markers as they get too muddy.

Next we did shaving cream paper marbling. I passed out a tray full of shaving cream to each table as well as 2-3 coordinating colors. The kids took turns dripping in paint and swirling it around (just a little!) , dipping in paper and  bookmarks, and then scraping the foam off to reveal the marbled paper underneath. This project is where some tables got the idea and did really fancy stuff that came out amazing looking and 1/3rd of my tables overmixed and just ended up with solid colored paper. While I had cardboard to use as scrapers I don’t think it worked as well as I would have liked and I would like to get some kind of cheap good squeegies for next time.

The last activity was for the older kids and most patrons actually didn’t have time to try it. We took a bowl of water and dropped in various nail polish colors to make an abstract pattern and then dipped paper, tags, booksmarks, or nails in to pick up the marbled paint.

Activity 1: Coffee Filter Art
Activity 2: Shaving Cream Paper Marbling
Activity 3: Nail Polish Marbling
Attendance: 22


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