Who doesn’t love bubbles? They are so colorful, nostalgic, and almost magical. I couldn’t resist having a bubble program and it was very well received, if anything I would have had more bubble solution and a bigger pool. Basically more of everything. I crammed a lot of things into a short time for this program and had to practically shove the families out at the end.

First we blew some gak bubbles. I used gak I had made myself and bigger straws. You wad the gak up, stick it on the end of the straw, pinch it tight, and blow. Some kids made some pretty big gak bubbles!

Then I passed out bubble wands made out of pipe cleaner and let the kids decorate the stem with beads. I think the pipe cleaner wands work really well because they hold a little bit more solution.

After everyone had their own bubble wands I passed out some solution that was colored with food coloring in different colors. We placed cardstock on the table and blew bubbles at the paper to create some cool art.

When everyone was done making their art we set it to the side to dry and went to a baby pool I had filled with bubble solution and made some straw & yarn wands to make HUGE bubbles. Everyone took turns making really big bubbles.

For the last 5 minutes of the program I turned on the bubble machine and let the kids dance around in the bubbles and blow bubbles with whatever wand they wanted to use.

Activity 1: GAK bubbles
Activity 2: Beaded bubble wands
Activity 3: Bubble art
Activity 4: BIG BUBBLES
Activity 5: Bubble Dance
Attendance: 28


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