Princess Tea Party

The princess tea party was awesome! We had fancy pink and purple tablecloths and decorations. We had pink flowers and butterflies everywhere and crowns to decorate when the attendees arrived. We had pink lemonade to drink and candied popcorn, chocolate dipped cookies with fancy sprinkles, chocolate gems, and other yummy treats.

Oh I also made these amazing looking rose cupcakes. I used a sweet poundcake recipe so no frosting was needed. Oh, and I forgot to mention I contacted the local drama club and they sent over a whole group of princesses and princes to surprise the kids with a special sing-along. I think we were supposed to have 10 but one girl was sick and couldn’t come. My only cost was that we agreed to pay for dry cleaning for the outfits.


I even made program booklets for all of the attendees with an outline of the festivities and all of the song lyrics so they could sing along. At the end of the program I released a bunch of balloons and the kids just had a blast bouncing around balloons with the princesses and princes.

Some programs become BIG programs in my mind, and the princess tea party was one of them. I thought it was an adorable idea and I am happy I had the chance to do it, but it was also a lot of work. My fitbit logged over 17,000 steps prepping and running this party.

Activity 1: Princess Crown Creations
Activity 2: Princess Singalong
Activity 3: Princess Tea Party
Attendance: 43


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