Mini-Makers – Perler Bead Keychains

When I started at the library I found a huge, unopened bucket of perler beads in the craft closet and knew at some point I would get around to having a program with them. When I planned a series of Mini-Maker programs I thought the perler beads would be an awesome activity.

perler beads

I bought additional, small pegboards from the craft store and had a package of very cheap keyring tags from home depot. Additionally I got some of the colors sorted for convenience but I also put big bowls of mixed beads on every table. It was nice that it was actually very little prep and a very nice turnout.  I also had a few patterns printed for people to follow and people enjoyed those a lot. I will look up more for the next time.

The patrons were very content to sit and create and I had to actually kick people out. I saw them making a little bit of everything from a Puerto Rican flag to a pokeball to Jack Skellington’s face. As far as safety goes I set up the iron on a table so that the kids could not get too close to where I was ironing and made them stand farther back. My suggestion would be to have two irons and two people ironing because a would have a big line waiting for the iron when multiple people finished at the same time.


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