Carnival 2016

Hooray! Summer Reading is here and we planned on doing a lot of outside activities this year starting with a mini library carnival. I looked up some games and activities on pinterest, we ordered some prizes, and borrowed a roll of tickets and some other games from another library. Then we had all hands on deck to man all of the activity stations. I think the kids had a blast and we had people dropping in to see what was going on because they saw us all outside. The local paper came out for some pictures and we ended up on the front page too!


The way the carnival worked was we let kids play a game once to earn tickets and more for fun if they got back in line. Tickets could be redeemed inside at the circulation desk for prizes (pencils, cups, wrist bands, etc)

Tattoo Booth – One shelver helped apply temporary tattoos an also ran the bubble machine.
Guessing Game- Patrons were invited to guess how many pieces of candy were in two different jars.
Selfie Station – An area with a carnival backdrop and some carnival themed props for taking pictures. I think people mostly ignored this so I wouldn’t bother with it again unless I had extra room I had to fill.
Lucky Ducks – Plastic ducks in a baby pool. If you found a match you got an extra ticket. Disc Drop/Plinko – tickets rewarded depending on where the disc drops.
Tossing games – ring toss, corn hole, and getting beanbags in a character cutout
Craft booth –  This is embarrassing, but I actually don’t remember what the craft was. I know I had something, but the craft booth was only visited occasionally
Wheel of fortune – spin the wheel, everyone a winner, grand prize won extra tickets

Attendance: 60+


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