Mini-Makers – Pressed Flower Art

Nothing makes me smile like overhearing a young patron say to their parent that this was their “favorite library program ever“. That being said I think this program had some of the most beautiful work done by children.


For our first activity I got some cheap ribbon necklaces on amazon, some clear pendants, and some pressed flowers. The kids could choose and modge podge their own flowers. The pendant acts as a magnifying glass and makes the flower look bigger.

Please note that modge podge cannot get wet. I found out a few weeks later that one girl loved her necklace so much she took it in the bath. The mom said she sealed it with nail polish, though if I do this again I will look for am actual brushable sealant.


While we let the pendants dry we worked on bookmarks. I had a few different styles from solid white to more elaborate clear ones with contact paper bottoms and cardstock “frames”. The bulk of the program time was laminating their bookmarks. The laminator must be one of the best investments ever as everyone is so excited to use it.


Activity 1: Flower Necklaces
Activity 2: Flower Bookmarks
Attendance: 18


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