Field Day

It is probably no surprise that a lot of the programs I do are inspired by things I personally find interesting, or think I would have liked to do as a kid. I thought Field Day would be a fun summer program and would fit in with the exercise your mind theme, but as a kid I hated field day. It was a whole day of bad food, interacting with people I didn’t really like, outside in the heat when all I wanted to do was sit and read  a book.


As these were pretty standard outside games I didn’t have time to get any pictures. We had enough kids that we split into two “teams” so that we could do more activities with less waiting.

Activity 1: Hula hoop circle pass
Activity 2: Duck in the pond relay race
Activity 3: Water balloon and shaving cream water balloon hot potato
Activity 4: Water balloon toss
Activity 5: 3-legged race w/ alphabet beanbag hunt
Activity 6: Donuts on a string – no hands allowed
Attendance: 65+


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