Splish Splash Water Bash

Part of the inspiration for this program came from the fun day my junior high/high school did on the seniors’ last day of classes. They had a talent show and a big water balloon fight outside. I thought having a water balloon program would be fun so I planned to have a big water balloon finale and then filled out the program with some other backyard water-inspired games.


Again I separated the kids into two teams so that we could easily play games.
The first game was a relay race with participants running with a sponge to a kiddie pool, dipping the sponge, and then running back to wring out the water and hand off their sponge to the next person in line. The team with the most water in their bucket at the end wins.

The next activity was something I called water balloon tag. I had seen some people play kickball but using slip and slides and kiddie pools as the bases on the diamond. I didn’t have slip and slides or enough pools so I simplified. I had the first person in line be the runner – they would attempt to reach the kiddie pool “base” without getting hit by a water balloon. The next 3 kids in line were the water balloon throwers. When the runner was done thrower #1 became the new runner. The kids actually liked this one a lot, especially if they got to crash into the pool at the end.

We also did a few plain water balloon tosses, which are pretty self explanatory and probably what I would switch up next time. It took much more time to set everyone up to toss than it was worth.

Finally we had an epic water balloon fight that was pure chaos. I stationed buckets with balloons around the field and let the kids go at them with the only real rules were not running past a certain point (near the street), taking one balloon at a time, and throwing the balloons away from me!

Honestly the most memorable thing about this program was filling up all the balloons. I was afraid to do them the day before as they might weaken and break so I think I did almost 300 balloons by myself and had some assorted help for another 74 or so.

Attendance: 30
Activity 1: Sponge Bucket Relay
Activity 2: Water Balloon “Tag”
Activity 3: Water Balloon Toss
Activity 4: Water Balloon Chaos


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