Lego Club

Before I started working at the library they had a bucket of lego bricks* that they occasionally pulled out for a lego night here and there but no real lego club. For the next few months I wanted to run a consistent lego club to see how that would impact attendance. So I scheduled Thursday and Saturday sessions of Lego building fun and the signup sheets were always full, but we never had everyone who signed up actually show up, which is sometimes annoying and sometimes a good thing because I can spend more one on one time with the patrons that do come.

*Note you cannot just call them legos, they are Lego bricks.


I started off the Lego Club with a kickoff session, meaning that I had an activity as well  just providing bricks. This activity happened to be making edible lego bricks out of rice crispies, frosting, and m&m candies.

May Attendance: Thursday: 18, Saturday:4
June Attendance: Thursday: 22, Saturday: 15
July Attendance: Thursday: 22, Saturday: 19
August Attendance: Thursday: 18,  Saturday: 8


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