Banned Books Week 2016

Banned books week is here and I didn’t have plans to do a huge display but I had an idea I wanted to try and thought banned books week would be a good test. 

Last year I put out a display with the usual caution tape and only displayed the nicest looking books we had that I thought might get checked out. This year the adult shelver (code name Robin) helped cover the books in brown Kraft paper and write caution, danger, banned, etc on them along with the titles. I made up a little sign with some of the titles and why they were banned or challenged and it has been really cool to see the patrons interact with the books and look at the list. 

One patron’s voice was getting louder and more frantic each time she spied a title she had read ending with “Carrie?!? That’s one of my favorite books!”  She ended up going home with a copy of slaughterhouse-five. I also had a family say they looked at the display but they owned almost everything we had. 

I know it isn’t a huge display but it seems to be working really well for us and my boss really liked it so that is a plus. I think some people are hesitant to take the books or think they are fake but I reassure them that they are real books they can check out and they think it is cool. It has gotten much more foot traffic than any other display I have put up. 


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