Mother’s Day 2016

I probably should have planned a mothers day tea party, but I had done the princess tea party and wasn’t up for borrowing all of the tea things again. Also I had seen somewhere else that did a tea party but excluded little boys which just seemed mean-spirited and locking myself into mother/daughter or father/son programming isn’t what I wanted to do. So I thought back on mothers day activities I did growing up. Origami ring? Plastic ring lilacs? Coupon book? Nothing sounded good and everything on pinterest looked too expensive or too quick or too eductional.

Then I thought about making a necklace, and maybe the pendant could be made from shrinky dink material! Oh, and a card to go with it! So I got shrinky dink paper from amazon, and traced a coloring book butterfly onto each one. I also prepped the items to make a card that looked like birds hugging on the front and had a poem inside.

When the program started I had the kids each pick out 12 beads of any color they wanted. I only sat out a few colors so things wouldn’t get too crazy. Then we worked on cutting, gluing, and decorating our cards while I waited for everyone to show up.

I ended up setting out fine point sharpie markers for the shrinky dink butterflies as washable marker smudged and colored pencil was harder to work with. Everyone had to share markers but things went fine and when the kids were done coloring I put them in the oven for 3 minutes and the pendants shrank down to about a third the starting size. The kids thought it was sooo cool. I did have to make several trips to the oven, but that was fine, because not everyone finished coloring at the same time. Then we threaded the pendants onto our necklaces and put on the beads and finished just in time.

I think this worked out really well. I would like to do it again, especially as shrinky dink material was reasonably priced.

Attendance: 32?
Activity: Bird Hug Cards w/ Poem
Activity: Shrinky Dink Butterfly Necklaces


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