Continuing with the -ology series of programs I chose to do Egyptology in October so I could incorporate some mummy stuff if I wanted to. I had a good amount of registrations again and chose to make bookmarks, play a game, and make DIY paper.

Our first activity was to make hieroglyphic bookmarks with some paper and the laminating machine. Everyone loves using the laminating machine. I printed out a hieroglyphic alphabet and cut out individual letters and put them out for the kids to use. They could spell anything they wanted, though many chose their names. One girl chose Anubis and another chose peace.

After we worked on our bookmarks I passed out a Mehen board I got from this site.  I made one for each table out of construction paper with paper markers and some cool throwing sticks made out of popsicle sticks, printed hieroglyphics, mod podge, and brown paint.

The last activity was the one I was most excited about. I had seen papyrus weaving projects but I thought just making paper out of paper pulp would be sufficient. I prepped the paper pulp by shredding some plain white computer paper. Then I got it wet and threw it in the baby bullet to grind it into pulp. Then I made 4×6 inch screens to strain the paper pulp out of dollar store photo frames and some window screen I found in the parking lot. The basic technique is to dip the screen into the tray of paper pulp and water and lift out a screen with pulp covering the screen completely. Then try to remove as much water as possible, flip the pulp onto a paper towel and run it under an iron for a minute. Let it dry completely overnight and presto homemade paper!

Usually 3 activities works really well for me, but this time it happened to be trying to do too much in too little time. I like all the activities though so I guess I am not sure which I would eliminate.

Registrations: 25
Attendance: 30
Activity: Hieroglyphic Bookmarks
Activity: Mehen Game
Activity: Paper Making


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