Junior Scientists – Sticky, Slimy Science Experiments

Hooray for another science night! One day I would like to get some lab goggles for science programs, because I think they would look pretty cool. I did get myself a fancy lab jacket to look more official. I need to come up with a fancy science pseudonym though…


This program is very similar to the Goopy, Gross Experiments program with the exception that I removed the bouncy ball experiment and replaced it with a silly putty made from wood glue and borax. And of course, my test came out fine but the kids had a really hard time following the directions on this one, so it was a bit of a failure.

And since I know this post is a bit shorter than normal how about an article about slime causing a glue shortage and a boost in sales?

Registrations: 50
Attendance: ~35
Activity: Cornstarch Slime
Activity: Silly Putty
Activity: Glue + Borax Slime


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