I may have gone a little overboard with monsters, but with Halloween just around the corner it was too easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit. This program was a bit different than anything I had done before. I set up a bunch of tables around the perimeter of the room and did not put out any chairs at all. For a majority of the program kids moved clockwise through the stations playing different games or activities that reflected as many classic monsters as I could imagine.



Edible Blood
I opened the program with a pretty cool demonstration showing the kids a recipe for edible blood. I let them try a lick and then dumped the batch of blood I created on a plate of gummy worms for a later activity. Then kids started rotating through the different monster stations. I should have had some help because it was very difficult to be contained to one station and not able to walk around and help people.

Witchy Matching Game
This was a game of memory I made  from some laminated illustrations of different witch hats.  It requires two players taking turns to flip card over two at a time in search of matches.

Skeleton Puzzle
The skeleton puzzle was a printed skeleton illustration that I cut into several pieces (skull, rib cage, arms, legs, feet, etc) and laminated. The kids were asked to take the pieces and rebuild the skeleton.

Spider Maze
For the spider maze I traced a very simple maze onto a large piece of black poster board. Then I glued white yarn over it to make a raised “web” maze. I set out a supply of plastic spiders and straws and kids were challenged to navigate a spider through the maze

Cauldron Scavenger Hunt
This was the surprise hit of the night! We happened to have a plastic cauldron in the craft room so I filled it with ball pit balls and cotton fluff to look like a bubbling potion. One the tables I put a few cards listing some potion ingredients (eye of newt marbles, plastic frogs, felt bat wings, etc) which could be found by digging around in the cauldron.

Monster Tic Tac Toe
I printed out a monster-themed version of tic tac toe. I believe it was werewolves and vampires. This was probably the least popular table.

Mummy Wrappers
For a prize I wrapped some Halloween erasers in cream colored crepe paper so that it looked like mummy bandages. A little bit of regular tape increased the unwrapping difficulty.

Ghost Bounce
Ghost bounce was  a white balloon with a ghost face where the goal was to stand inside of a hula hoop and bounce the ghost as many times as possible. This one got a bit out of control. especially with little kids, who wanted to run off without the balloon.

Monster Boxes
I “babysat” this activity, as I wanted to keep am eye on things and talk to the kids as they came through so this was one of the last tables at the back of the room. I prepared 4 recycled baby wipe boxes with different monster body parts to touch. Goblin Boogers were yogurt raisins in applesauce, Zombie Scalp was some silly putty and corn silk, Witch’s Tongue was a banana cut in half, and Tarantula Eggs were some tapioca pearls in baby oil. I also had a zombie brain made from jello and cream in a brain mold. I didn’t put this one in a box because I wanted everyone to be able to see it, but I still encouraged people to touch it.

The final activity was another group activity. Remember those gummy worms from earlier? Well I gave every kid a pair of plastic vampire fangs and had them race down to the table and try to pick up a gummy worm without using their hands.

Registrations: 51
Attendance: 20
Activity: Edible Blood Tutorial
Activity: Witchy Matching Game
Activity: Skeleton Puzzle
Activity: Spider Maze
Activity: Cauldron Scavenger Hunt
Activity: Monster Tic Tac Toe
Activity: Mummy Wrappers
Activity: Monster Boxes
Activity: Ghost Bounce
Activity: Zombie Eye Popper
Activity: Vampire Gummy Worm Dash


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