Junior Scientists – Fun With Physics

While I generally try to sneak some cool information into every program I think the science nights are usually the most fact-heavy which always makes me nervous because I am always afraid I will be explaining something incorrectly.  The science nights sure are fun though!

I started of the night with a pretty packed room, so to gt some of the wiggles out I had the kids do some gravity experiments. What happened when they jumped up? What happened when they dropped a pencil? We talked about GRAVITY! Ah, but what happens if you drop a pencil and a feather?

We transitioned into the most popular activity of the night and if I ever do these in a program again I will know to do them last. I know people like to do paper airplanes to illustrate lift drag and weight, but I am the worst at folding paper airplanes so I ordered these cool gliders. They are cheap, they are pretty easy to put together and there are a few different kinds so not everyone is looking for the same thing after they throw them. And yes we threw them, repeatedly, and only stopping when I promised we would do it again at the end of the program.


The last activity was to create some marble runs. I talked about potential energy, kinetic energy, and conservation of energy. Each table got some marbles, a long piece of pipe insulation cut in half, bookends and a huge pile of books to build their marble run. The kids enjoyed this quite a bit, but the adults generally ended up having to hold the start of the marble run up high enough.

Registrations: 44
Attendance: 35
Activity: Gravity Experiments
Activity: Mini Gliders
Activity: Marble Runs


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