Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Party

I advertised this program as a Fantastic Beasts Party with some snacks, a craft, and a Harry Potter trivia game. I was really, really hoping I would get more tweens and teens with the trivia thing because I have not learned my lesson. Of course everyone who signed up was pretty young. Of course my attendance took a hit because this program was on a Thursday night and things I try on Thursday night never go as well as on regular program nights. Oh, this is also the program where I learned most kids really don’t know much Harry Potter trivia.

Owl Bookmarks
I found some really cute owl bookmarks on pinterst. The kids basically just had to cut them out.

Harry Potter Word Search
On the Bloomsbury website I found a Harry Potter word search with just some common character names and illustrations from the new release. I thought it was a pretty simple puzzle, but it took the kids forever to finish and I saw a lot of cheating off of parents.

Fantastic Feather Key Chains
I ordered some 8-10″ white goose feathers and punched a hole in the bottom to connect a jump ring. The kids got some pipe cleaners, beads, and markers to decorate their Fantastic Feathers and connect them to the pipe clean and bead rings. Reds and oranges might be from a Phoenix, yellow from a Thunderbird, etc.

Harry Potter Team Trivia
Before the patrons arrived I had decorated each table with a sign of a Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts animal to designate the teams. I remember making unicorn, dragon,  thunderbird, etc

Harry Potter Trivia Elimination Game
I had one Harry Potter coloring book to give away as a prize so I thought an elimination style trivia contest would be good. I had the kids line up and if they passed the question or answered correctly they went to the back of the line and if they answered incorrectly they sat down. When I got down to about 3 kids I didn’t allow any more passes.

Here we had a break for some snacks! I made a bowl of “butterbeer” and some chocolate frogs. The butterbeer was served with a scoop of ice cream to make it kind of foamy and like a root beer float. Actually, the buterbeer recipe had root beer, which I am personally not a fan of but I thought kids typically liked and I was very, very wrong. When I do butterbeer again I really will probably do cream soda, a shot of caramel flavoring, and some food dye.

Trailer of Fantastic Beasts Behind the Scenes Trailer and Interview With J.K. Rowling
While the kids were eating their chocolate frogs and butterbeer I projected a trailer and interview from the official movie website.

Registrations: 50
Attendance: 15
Activity: Owl Bookmarks
Activity: Harry Potter Word Search
Activity: Fantastic Feather Keychains
Activity: Harry Potter Team Trivia
Activity: Harry Potter Trivia Elimination Game
Activity: Trailer of Fantastic Beasts Behind the Scenes Trailer and Interview With J.K. Rowling.
Snacks: Butterbeer & Chocolate Frogs


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