Pokemon Sun & Moon Party

I have been a pokemon fan for a very long time. In fact I remember buying and playing the pokemon soundtrack for the first movie….on cassette tape. I am not much of a gamer, as I m not good at finishing games, but I have bought essentially every nintendo system to play pokemon. So I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to have a pokemon party to celebrate the release of Sun & Moon.


I had a special guest helper for this program, a local teen doing a school project was shadowing me for a few hours and helping out. That being sad this was a pretty chill program.We had some snacks and really did some relaxing activities.

We started by making some pikachu headbands and face painting some red cheeks and all the kids were so cute.

I pulled out a set of the pokemon micro puzzles and let the kids work on those. They worked together really well, but then got a little upset I didn’t let them keep the figures. (Sorry kiddos, those are mine.) pikachuNext we created our own pokemon magnets by decoupaging some origami paper and printed pokemon pictures onto magnet backs.

Finally I let the kids pull out the games and play while I screened an episode of pokemon so any kids without games could watch the show while they ate their snacks,

Attendance: 15
Activity: Pikachu Headbands
Activity: Pikachu Microblocks
Activity: Pokemon Magnet
Activity: Play pokemon
Activity: Watch Pokemon


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