Christmas Workshop 2016

For the Christmas Workshop I wanted to try something a little different. I couldn’t decide on one Christmas craft that I wanted to do with potentially 50 people so I thought of setting up different stations where patrons could self-direct what they wanted to do.
I pushed a few tables together for each station so that 10-12 people could work on one thing at a time.

Fingerprint Christmas Light Cards
It wouldn’t be a cool program if I didn’t do something messy. And of course, messy activities are the most popular. I printed out some cards with a template of Christmas light cord as a border. The kids had stickers and such to decorate the inside of the card. Then I set out a few colors of finger paint so they could use their fingerprints to recreate the lights on the border.

Tissue Paper Water Art
This was one of the most popular activities and it is pretty simple. I gave each kid a small piece of watercolor paper and they got to draw on the paper with a black sharpie marker. Most kids drew snowflakes or snowmen. Then you brush water onto the paper and apply small pieces of tissue paper to the watercolor paper. I only put out shades of blue, pink, and purple. When the paper dried you peel the tissue off and the color from the tissue transfers to the watercolor paper to make some beautiful art.

Gingerbread Banners
This was probably the weakest activity, though I still ran out of supplies. I put out a bunch of blank gingerbread templates, white circles, and yarn. The idea was to decorate the blank gingerbread man, some peppermint candies, and make a banner by taping them to the yarn. A lot of kids wanted to do enough to represent their whole family.

Embossed Foil Snowflakes
To make embossed snowflakes I used some of the leftover embossing foil from the Hispanic Heritage Craft and cut it into large circles and punched a hole in the top. The kids used some leftover toothpicks to emboss a snowflake design into the foil and then picked out a ribbon to thread and hang their ornament.

Registrations: 50 (max)
Attendance: 25
Station: Fingerprint Christmas Light Cards
Station: Tissue Paper Water Art
Station: Gingerbread Banners
Station: Embossed Foil Snowflakes


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