I think Christmas cookies are one of the simple pleasures of the season. Last year I had vowed to have a bigger and better cookie decorating program and I think I can say that I am very happy with the turnout for this year. One key thing was filling wilton bottles with icing in different colors and putting them at each table. The bottles made it a lot easier and less messy to apply the frosting and I didn’t have to worry about knives either. I also put plastic shot glasses of different sprinkles and such at each table and the “special” toppings (aka the edible glitter) at the front table where I had one of the shelver stationed to guard the cookies.

Continuing with the Polar Express theme we did gingerbread trains made from this cookie cutter I found on amazon. I had each family pick up one train kit ass they came in and I had an example put together at the front of the room. I would say 1/3rd of the families skipped assembling the train and just decorated it flat.

I also gave each family 3 “cookie tickets” per person that I had printed on bright yellow paper. People could come up and turn in ticket for a cookie to decorate at their own pace. This really did help to pace the kids so they took a little longer and it helped because they had more choice on what cookies they were picking. I believe this year I made trees, stars, snowflakes, candy canes, stockings, and gingerbread men.

One thing to consider next year is more plates. I really thought people would decorate more than one cookie per plate, but most kids wanted a plate for each cookie, so I ended up running out. Also more tween/teens were signed up for this than normal so maybe I will consider a separate session for older kids or even adults.

Registrations: 50 (maxed out) but there was more interest if I had more room
Attendance: 41
Activity: Gingerbread Trains
Activity: Cookie Decorating



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