Medieval Mayhem

It has been a while since I did fairy tales so I wanted to do a similarly themed program but I wanted to stay a little further from the Disney princess stuff. I don’t have anything against the Disney princess line but I have two Disney-ish events coming up this summer and don’t want to overlap too much. I thought if we made some catapults that Medieval Mayhem would be a cute title and I ran with it.

Paper Shields
I started the night letting the kids color and cut their own shields. I has a printed page of different crests and symbols and different colored construction paper for them to glue it onto. I really try to start with the most open-ended projects because families walk in late and people work at different paces, etc. This actually took a lot longer than I anticipated and I pretty much had to call time so that we could move onto our next activities.

Dragon  Egg Hunt
Usually I have materials for the program sitting on a table at the front of the room or I pass things out as I go, but I wanted something with a little movement to break up the program so I put the glass beads for the next activity into some plastic easter eggs and dumped them into a box with a bunch of ball pit balls. The kids got to come up and search for the eggs in the “dragon’s nest”.

Glass Dragon Eyes
I happened to run across the glass dragon eye activity on pinterest and I am so glad I did because it is cheap, and looks awesome. You can paint or use permanent markers to draw a dragon eye on the flat side of a glass bead. Then you cover it with a quick brush of metallic paint, and voila instant dragon eye. I gave each kid 8 to do and I probably could have done 10 instead. They did not want to move onto the next activity until I mentioned we were going to shoot mini marshmallows.

Mini Marshmallow Catapults
Before the program I had printed a large dragon out and taped him to one of the walls to provide a target. Then the kids had to build their catapults (jumbo popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon) and “save” the library from the dragon by hitting it. I am thinking of doing the catapults again over the summer as the kids had a blast with them. And I might have to admit that I may have shot a few marshmallows at my coworkers while testing my catapult. Also I had thought that marshmallow might “stick” to the dragon a little bit but they only stuck to the carpet where people stepped on them. I might consider pom poms next time.
Registrations: 14
Attendance: 16
Activity: Paper Shields
Activity: Dragon Egg Hunt
Activity: Glass Dragon Eyes
Activity: Mini-Marshmallow Catapults


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