Mini-Makers – Bird Feeders

I hope all of my programs do well, but there are some I am more confident about than others. This was one I was a little worried about, but I shouldn’t have been because the kids knocked this one out of the park. Beware this post will be very image heavy!

I got a big bag of bird seed on clearance, and we didn’t even use 10% of it, so you really don’t need that much seed. The base was cheap peanut butter mixed with some coconut oil and heated in the microwave. I brought in toilet paper rolls, little pine cones, cheerios, dried raisins, dried cranberries, pipe cleaners and yarn and let the kids go to town creating. Oh! And a cheap loaf of bread I cut some star shapes out of and let sit out overnight to dry.

Registrations: 37
Attendance: 22
Activity: Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Activity: TP Roll Feeder
Activity: Yarn & Cheerio Feeders
Activity: Toast Feeder


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