Valentine Workshop

I have been trying to keep better samples/photos of the activities we do, but I don’t have one for this one. This program was a little less demanding than other programs as there were only 2 activities instead of the normal 3+.


For the first activity we made special shaker cards. My version was not as complex as this. I used the cricut machine to cut hearts into some cardstock. The kids filled some treat bags with glitter, sequins, and puffy heart stickers and taped them to the inside of the card over the heart-shaped hole. Then we glued a plain white sheet of paper inside to cover the shaker bag. We colored and cut out a little bear to hold the heart on the front of the card. The kids could decorate the bear and inside of the card however they wished.

Next we revisited paper marbling like I originally did in the colors art program.  I cut up all of the scrap cardstock and set them out to make mini valentines. I gave each kid their own tray with shaving cream and they could come up to the paint table where I only set out a few “valentine”-appropriate colors like red, pink, and purple. To reduce paint waste one of the shelvers helped supervise paint to shaving cream application.

Registrations: 50
Attendance: ~40
Activity: Shaker Cards
Activity: Marbled Paper Mini-Valentines


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