Frontier Living – Cabin Fever

We hadn’t had much programming from outside sources lately so I scheduled a program with the local historical society on frontier living. I thought the title Cabin Fever was pretty witty since by the end of February people will be suffering from cabin fever and it evokes the frontier living imagery.


The woman who came was super prepared and did a great job even with a small crowd. The kids that came were really interested and it was nice that they got to touch a lot of the items. They were especially interested in some of the toys kids has, including corn husk dolls and the Jacob’s ladders.

After the presentation we made our own thaumatropes, and “churned” some butter in a mason jar with marbles.

Registrations: 19
Attendance: 6
Activity: Frontier Living Presentation
Activity: Thaumatope Toys
Activity: Churn Butter
Snack: Biscuits and Butter


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