Pi Day 2016

I am finally sitting and writing the post for Pi Day 2016….on Pi Day 2017.


Mmmm pie. Of course I had multiple pies at our program, but I made people work for them! I made this program a little more educational with a powerpoint about Pi. I had a visualization of Pi as well as some information about the history of Pi Day and Pi-inspired art.

After the presentation I had everyone compose a poem in Pilish, a form that follows the structure of Pi. So you would have a 3-letter word, 1-letter word, 4-letter word, etc. This is a lot harder than it looks and ends up reading a bit like madlibs.

Then we made a Pi-day bracelet with different colors representing different numbers of Pi. This took a bit longer than expected and I had to help most attendees at some point.

When the bracelets were done I passed out plates and forks, but there was one last task before the patrons earned their sweet reward. We had to sing happy birthday to Albert Einstein. Yes, we really did, and it was adorable. Finally everyone got some pie and they could choose from chocolate , chocolate and peanut butter silk, or caramel apple.

Activity 1: Powerpoint Presentation
Activity 2: Pilish Poetry
Activity 3: Pi Day Bracelets
Activity 4: Sing Happy Birthday & Eat Pie
Attendance: 12






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