Mini-Makers – Sew Cute

For my Mini-Maker program I try to think of things that are fun, very hands-on, and do not require a lot of following directions step by step by step. During most programs I have anywhere from toddlers to 12 year olds show up and it can be very hard to keep everyone on the same page. For this program I put on the registration paperwork that the participants must be able to thread a needle.

I found a cute bunny tutorial on instructables and printed out a page of instructions and the pattern. Then I bought pink felt for the ears and bellies and brown and grey felt for the bodies. I pre-cut squares of fabric and wound some pink and brown/grey thread onto embroidery floss cards to essentially create little bunny kits the kids could just pick up.

First I had them trace and cut out the felt pieces. Then I did a quick tutorial showing a basic stitch before letting them pick up a needle. I had pulled out several options for faces including some fabric paint, beads, buttons, and googly eyes so I had a hot glue gun at the ready which came in handy because a lot of the kids didn’t have the time or patience to sew the ears and bellies on, and the hot glue gun was a lot faster. Surprisingly my younger kids seemed to have more fun with this where my tweens were sometimes very angry is their thread got tangled or they couldn’t get the stitch just right.

Overall it was an easy program with minimal cleanup. They even keep the felt scraps to stuff the bunny as they sew . Probably the most time consuming thing was triple checking no needles ended up on the floor. I would like to do this again, I think I might have the pieces pre-cut so they can focus more on sewing and decorating.

Attendance: 20


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