Spring Fling

How lucky am I that my program night happened to fall on the first day of spring? A spring-themed program seemed appropriate for this occasion. This program really only had two activities though I did talk about the science behind the seasons- including the equinoxes, solstices, and the words autumnal and vernal.

For our first  activity we made construction paper flowers. I had two different templates; one simple template for younger kids and a more complex template for the bigger kids. I would probably replace this activity for next time as too many kids were not able to trace and cut.

The second activity was to make seed bombs. If I had fewer participants I would have had them make the salt dough as part of the program, but it would have been too complex with as many participants as I had so I pre-made a 4 cup batch of salt dough. I had the kids mix organic seed starter dirt into the dough and then fold seeds inside. After a day or so they will dry out and the seed bombs can be left outside. Hopefully we will hear some sprout success stories.

Activity 1: Paper Flowers
Activity 2: Seed Bombs
Attendance: 25
Registrations: 47


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