Easter Eggstravaganza 2017

I really wanted to have an Easter bunny at the egg hunt this year. I asked for a bunny suit but was not approved. When I found one for <$80 on amazon I ordered it because I knew I could use it for my personal Easter activities and yearly at the library or for charity etc. Amazon said it would ship 3-5 days later than normal, no big deal I ordered it a month before my Easter party. And then there was a shipping delay and another shipping delay and then the possibility that the costume might arrive in time for my party. Meanwhile the other bunny costumes I liked were about $500+ so I could not just purchase another one. Well the costume didn’t arrive in time for the party, and he has a crooked eye which I will have to email the company about, but I did have a bunny for the library’s Eggstravaganza, which was really exciting.

I figured out you could tuck the sleeves into the gloves after this picture of course…

As the families came in I checked them off of the list and had them grab a bunny ear mandala headband to color and an Easter-themed word search to work on. I brought the bunny in once I felt like most of the participants had arrived. As the kids colored and got their headbands stapled I went table by table and had the kids come up to do pictures with the bunny. One of the shelvers agreed to play the bunny and was a champ because it had to be at least 75 in the room outside of the costume.

After the kids saw the bunny they could go to the cookie table and decorate a cookie. My hope was that everyone would stay entertained and the bunny wouldn’t get sticky with frosting. This mostly worked except a word search activity that took kids 25 minutes before now took them three so some of the kids got a little bored. I should have had some extra coloring pages printed too. At a certain point I sent another coworker out with about 385 plastic eggs to hide in the reading garden and on the lawn.

Before we went out I told everyone that they could find up to 11 eggs, and that the eggs were empty but they would turn them back in at the end for a gift bags with some candy and other little things like stickers and a temporary tattoo in it. And look at those bags. They are the cutest things ever! I had them line up youngest to oldest and we walked outside. Apparently in the walk outside everyone forgot how many eggs they were allowed to get and some kids only got 5 because other kids got 22 and in general it was the parents not following the rules, ugh.

In short it was chaos, but mostly the good kind of chaos and at least there were no tears!
Registrations: 56
Attendance: 56 – Coincidence because some cancels and some walk-ins
Activity: Bunny Mandala Headbands
Activity: Word Search
Activity: Bunny Photos
Activity: Egg Cookie Decorating
Activity: Egg Hunt


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