This Was My Week…

Cheers and Jeers
I had one of those amazing, you-are-totally-doing-the-thing-you-were-meant-to-do-in-life feel-good experiences this week. A little girl came to the desk and asked if we had any Dork Diary books. I had actually requested all of the missing volumes a few months ago and they just came in so I took her back to show her where they all were and she danced in the aisle before running off to tell her friend that we had the new book! It was adorable and just an expression of pure joy.

What Happened This Week?
Monday: was the big Easter program and egg hunt. Secretly, I wish I could have dressed up as the bunny.

Wednesday: I did some program brainstorming for September -December programs and they are due in June. The program I am probably looking forward to the most is a My Little Pony one before the movie comes out in October. I am also considering running two sessions of the dinosaur excavation program instead of one. I wonder if I could pull off a DIY journal/diary program.

Thursday: I went to a literacy night at a local elementary school. The organizers were bummed as turnout was not what they expected, but I think it was a bad week to schedule an event. They seemed well organized and a majority of the participants had library cards, which is a win in my book. On the other hand it seemed like they did not know about the family programming we offer so I passed out a lot of event calendars. The principal also took a newsletter and calendar.

Saturday: Reference desk, lots of signs, reading emails, and researching J series.

What’s Hot
I have gotten several requests for 13 Reasons Why this week. Of course our copy is missing and the audio book is checked out.


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