Painting With Crayons

Oh, Pinterest! Sometimes I find really cool things and other times the sea of broken links and worksheets makes me want to pull out my hair in frustration. I saw a teacher do some crayon Batik art and thought it would be fun to do as an art program. I found this tutorial and ordered some 5″ cotton squares.

My completed sample batik and print.

At first the kids were pretty skeptical but they quickly got into the project. I emphasized planning out their batik on a blank sheet of paper first but I still had one kid claim they messed up and wanted to start over. I saw a lot of hearts and emoji art, but I was so busy doing the dying and the ironing I didn’t get any pictures of the kids artworks.

Two little girls were just too small so I ended up giving them some plain crayons, paper, and some watercolor paint so they could do a more traditional color resist piece.

I don’t think this was the most thrilling project ever but the kids did seem to like it. I think if I did it again I might have pre-made designs on the fabric for them to color and then they could do something freehand later when the bug project was done.

Registrations: 33 (Max)
Attendance: 19
Activity: Paint with crayon wax


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