Candy Mosaics

Years ago at a fancy food show I saw the jellybean Starry Night. I forget how may thousands of jellybeans went into making the work but it is something that I had filed away in my brain. I knew I wanted to do a less tedious version as a program and candy mosaics was what I came up with. My original plan was to put a bunch of frosting on a square cookie base.  However,  I realized even the most die-hard sugar addict wouldn’t be able to eat that so we switched to cardstock and paper plates for the littles and regular elmer’s glue.

I waited for easter candy to go on 70% clearance and then bought some pastel m&ms, black jellybeans, flower-shaped candies, duck-shaped candies, speckled jellybeans, regular jellybeans, and rainbow twizzlers pull and peels. I had some skittles leftover from the skittle rainbows we did. It probably took me about 45 minutes to sort out all of the different candies and colors and I set them up over two tables.

The kids came in and got 1 twizzler and a dixie cup to pick their candy. I had glue and some scissors out on the tables. At first I was afraid they would finish too quickly but the timing was just about perfect with the earliest finishing in about 50 minutes, the rest took about an hour. I encouraged people to go pick out some books to checkout while they let the glue dry for a few minutes.

I was super impressed with this 3D duck pond

I think this would be fun to do again. The m&ms and speckled jellybeans and twizzlers were the most popular. BE warned that black jellybeans stink like black licorice and are for some reason much bigger than other jellybeans.

Registrations: 45
Attendance: 22


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