This Was My Week…

Cheers and Jeers
I must learn to take better notes. This week was strangely quiet. I feel like I was called helpful a lot, but I don’t remember what exactly I helped with.

What Happened This Week?
-Sorted a million candies by color for the candy mosaic program.

-Put out more dinosaur books for the display.
-Filled out paperwork for vendors
-Making good progress on my backed up emails

-Extra desk time today to cover a coworker at a conference.
-Weeding some JP books. I started with W some time ago and randomly chose the letter R. I think the people before me have always started with A and lost steam part-way through.
-Some of us made plans to go out for dinner on payday. It seems too good to be true, so I am trying not to get my hopes up. We discovered the new coworker and I lived on the same street a few blocks from each other for a few years.
-Finally caught up on the emails!
-Clean and scan all black dot easy readers for AR lists

-J series books were approved though we had to break the order into two smaller carts. I know for next time not to make such a big order.
-Weeding some Spanish DVDs. There is talk about moving the collections around. About 8% were items not in the catalog.


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