Dinosaur Mini Golf 2017

Last summer we ran a dinosaur-themed mini golf program during summer reading. I think dinosaurs are such a great theme (and the display books always go out!) that I wanted to run it again, but trying it indoors.

Once again I borrowed the putters, obstacles, and holes. This time I requested to only be sent the putters and such instead of the whole library mini golf kit. I think that reduced the number of boxes delivered to me from 4 to one so it was much more manageable.

I started taping the dinosaurs to bookends about an hour before the program while I set out the putters, balls, papers, and golf pencils on a table. I also hung up a cool dinosaur photo backdrop I found on amazon. I had help to assemble the flags numbered 1-9 and one of the shelvers rolled up some craft paper to use as barriers at the end of the stacks because we didn’t have any pool noodles in the craft room and I hadn’t bothered to stop at the dollar store for any. Patrons started showing up about 10 minutes before the program and another coworker popped in to help tape a dinosaur’s broken tail and help set out the dinos.

When the patrons arrived I had them choose a putter and ball and told them to start at any number they wanted to and work their way around and to take a picture with the dinosaur when they were done. Some kids were done really quickly. I think one girl was done after 15 minutes, but then she wanted to play again. But I think most participants clocked in around 25-30 minutes. I saw one sheet from an older participant that looked like it took 10-12  putts on most of the holes.

Due to some PTO time I took I did not call to remind people about the event, so I think the turnout was pretty good. A lot of families stayed and hung out in the children’s area afterwards.

I cannot decide if I preferred the indoor or outdoor setup.  I think outdoor setup took a bit longer, but we had more space. The indoor setup was chaotic but also seemed to get people talking and really brought the library to life for an hour.

Registrations: 36
Attendance: ~30
Activity: Mini Golf
Activity: Dinosaur Photo-op


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