This Was My Week

Cheers and Jeers
What a weird week. Emergency PTO for me and funky weather meant when it was slow it was s-l-o-w. But when we were busy we were pretty busy.

Outside of work I was social and met people for dinner and had 2 hours of lovely conversation and good food.

What Happened This Week?


  • Emergency PTO and I missed a few hours of work in the morning.
  • We had dinosaur mini golf which went well.
  • I made a sign for the book commercial program coming up.
  • A patron requested non-fantasy YA romance books and I had to struggle to think of something we had on the shelf. We might have to get some more YA romance if we get more room.


  • Prepped stuff for Mother’s Day tea party.
  • There is a new librarian position open but I don’t qualify as I don’t have the degree so my hours will change but no chance of me moving up to a higher position.
  • Spent way too long trying to pin down when the solar eclipse will be visible to us and converting UT to local time. I didn’t think about the date but it will happen during our remodel so probably no eclipse party for us.


  • Weeded J novels
  • Hunt for mis-catalogued easy readers and found 3 boxes worth.


  • Subbing for a coworker in vacation so 2 of 3 Saturdays in a row
  • Discarding the J novels approved by the boss.
  • Dogs from the kennel club came. Probably 10 or so. One was so excited to be pet he pooped on the carpet.
  • A kid claimed someone threatened them with a BB gun but not actually at the library.

What did patrons want?

Anything Jack the Ripper
Coyotes for an animal project
5 Caldecott winners for a school assignment.


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