Mommy & Me Tea Party

I honestly thought the mommy and me tea party would fill up quickly but it actually took a long time reach 45 attendees which ended up being 46 because the registration system does weird things. It feels like enthusiasm for all programs is a bit down lately which is a bit weird to me but we are very near the end of the school year and maybe this is just a thing to expect.

I thought the tea program was fine. I didn’t love it or hate it. I made little peanut butter sandwiches cut into squares which almost no one took so that was a bit of a waste of time. Next time I will know to look at cookies or veggies or something along those lines.

I started by having everyone color a butterfly template I cobbled together to make some cute decorations that went in the teacups. The coloring and cutting took a bit longer than I thought.

Then I did a little toast with pink lemonade in the teacups and  I think it was just a few rhyming lines as I am not huge on most priory and I didn’t want to do a big speech.  After the toast I let everyone come and get their sandwiches and cupcakes.

While everyone was eating I set out some questionnaires for the kids to fill out with stuff like my favorite memory is ________. My mom likes to __________. I also set out some cute paper flowers with topics like favorite book, best ice cream flavor, dreams, etc. to encourage all the participants to actually just sit and talk.

When it looked like most people were done we started working on some waterfall cards. The pages flip when you pull on the tab and I thought they came out pretty cute.
I did learn that apparently all of the blue sticks are dry and I need to order more.

Registered: 46
Attendance: 34
Activity: butterfly cup decorations
Activity: toast and tea
Activity: questionnaire
Activity: conversation flowers
Activity: waterfall card


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